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Welcome to My Exposure, this is my blog and where I will be putting down my daily life in writing. Some will be about photography and the rest probably about my kids and how they make my life go around. First off since this is my blog it will be my way, I promise to work on my grammar if you promise not to be jerks if I miss some. A friend referred to my story telling or writing approach as being a tell-it-like-it-is style, I like the sounds of it and I am going to go with that style too.

I am a husband, father, son, brother, web developer, graphic designer and avid photographer. Also the last few years or more I have been dealing with unexplainable pain where there are times I am in so much pain throughout my whole body. It gets to the point where I cannot stand, sit, lay down, wear socks of shoes or even jeans touching my legs is too much. I have been to doctors and have a neurologist and taking some meds but no real diagnosis except for it being MS like symptoms. That is all I am going to go into with my health, but my health is what has led to me creating a website and blog. I have been seeing a psychologist and learning to live with this never ending pain has taken its tole on my mind and body. Photography has always been an interest all my life, when the pain started it was hard to pick up my camera gear and go for hours on end taking pics. I used to shoot Nikon, but that last year I have sold my nikon gear and have switched to micro four thirds. This gear is a mirrorless camera setup and everything is a third the size and weight of my Nikon gear. It makes going out to take pics and being out more enjoyable. But back to my psychologist, one of his suggestions was to put together a blog and when I cannot go out to take pics cause I am in pain he said to find something to write about and share it on a blog for others to see. Whether it is a memory of taking pics, or on an adventure with my camera like I used to go on all the time. So after some thinking I have decided to push myself and get going with the blog. So I give you my own blog or also known as My Exposure.