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My job as a <b>Web developer</b> is to present my clients’ products and services to a wide audience with creating an attractive, functional websites. As a client you may need <b>my help</b> to include interactive capabilities on your site using Visual Basic or Java programming languages.

I offer the following web services, if you do not see what you are looking for, just ask. I take special requests.

<strong>HTML Informative Websites</strong>

Static websites built with HTML, CSS, JS and PHP

<strong>WordPress Websites</strong>

Dynamic websites built using WordPress which allows the DIY people out there to do their own updates to their sites.

<strong>Ecommerce WordPress Website</strong>

WordPress site with a shopping cart to sell items online, will need an ssl for this.

<strong>Website Consulting</strong>

have a site that needs looking at cause there isn’t something you like or want fixed or work better let me know. I am willing to attempt to jump in and look at it and figure it out.

<strong>Website updates</strong>

If there is something you need to update and cannot get it to update, maybe I can help to get it updated for you.

<strong>Html Newsletters</strong>

Want to keep in touch with your customers or clients on a monthly basis? I can help you setup an html newsletter to send out to your clients and customers to stay in touch with them.

<strong>Webserver Hosting</strong>

Need a place to host your site? I do have hosting I can put your site on so your online presence will be there for you and your business.